Sabbatical 2009 Visit to St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland

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My schedule at St. Ignatius

Tuesday, April 21

8 am Dan Baron Freshman Theology, former campus minister
9 am Fr. Frank Canfield, S.J. Student Chaplain
9:40 Jim Skerl Jr/Sr Theology and Christian Action Team. Jim teaches a semester course "Christian Manhood" and quarter courses on "Jesus" and on "Death and Resurrection". He has a great site "Inspiring Stories".
10:45 visited Arrupe House and arranged a visit with Tim Grady, Director.
11:30 Milena Steem, St. Ignatius Library.
noon Jim Brennan, Theology Department Chair, teaches a semester Jr/Sr course Catholic Social Teaching and quarter courses on Mary and on the Sacraments.
1:30 Mike McLaughlin, Sophomore Service Director and Varsity soccer coach.
2:30 met with Tim Grady at Arrupe House.
5 mass with the Jesuit community and dinner.

Wednesday, April 22
7:20 St. Ignatius Wednesday community Eucharist
9:40 Theology Department Meeting, every Wednesday, third period, was cancelled. I met with Mike Tracy of Campus Ministry.
10:25 Drew Valinsky, Theology teacher and Yearbook moderator.
11:15 met briefly with Theology teacher Dan Baron, Theology teacher Gail Scaravelli, Theology teacher Jim Skerl and Latin teacher Fr. Ken Styyles, S.J.
12:40 meet with Marty Dybicz, Theology teacher, and past yearbook moderator. Marty teaches a first semester course in Freshman Theology, then a third quarter course Catholic Critical Thinking and a fourth quarter course in Catholic Sexuality.
1:25 meet with Mike Strauss, director of the Canned Food Drive
2 met with Fr. Jim Lewis, S.J. about the Spirituality Program for Adults. During this time I had brief meetings with Tim Evans, head of CSPJ, Joe Buzzeli, unofficial social chair, and Carolyn Kovach, Communications Director. Fr. Lewis then took me to the SPA Offices where I met Janet Lahane and Mary Anne Gauntner.
4 met with Carolyn Kovach about media and photography at St. Ignatius.
4:30 met with Rory Hennessey, present Dean of Freshmen, most recently Vice-President of Ignatian Mission.
5:30 Happy hour and dinner with the Jesuit community.
I was able to to stay with the Jesuit Community on Tuesday and Wednesday. Staying in the Jesuit Community on these sabbatical trips has been a highlight for me.