Updated January 5, 2015


SLUH Core Photographers. These are photographers who are active weekly and throughout the year. They cover a lot of events and have contributed hundreds of photos.
  • We have also gotten digital photos from many faculty, students, parents and friends.

    Regularly contributing parents
    While our photographs have been used primarily for Prep News and Yearbook, they have been used in many publications from the President's Office and the Admissions Office. Over a hundred photos were used in the Cashbah catalogue. CDs were cut and photographs used for many of the Varsity sports banquet slide shows. Photographs were used by Student Government on their web site and on the slide show at the Graduation Dinner. SLUH photographers have had photos published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in America magazine, the St. Louis Review and on many SLUH and and Jesuit web sites.

    We also serve the SLUH community in other ways. We take the freshman homeroom photos at Orientation Day. We have taken and posted new faculty photos. We have lent out cameras to faculty wanting to take photos for their classes, or their activites or on retreat or on a service project. In 2006 Dave Callon took photos for his English class and for Varsity tennis. Paul Michaelson took the Nikon wide angle to Mesa Verde to take photos for Social Studies.

    You are urged to register and record your best photos at Flickr. It is free and has a lot of benefits. Other great photo sites include Better Photo and Snap Fish.

    Here are the web sites Dr. Kuebel strongly recommended
    Useful and Interesting Web Sites for Photographers

    • Presentation by Mike Turner after school, Friday, October 6, 2006
    • Presentation by Dr. Rick Keubel, Fall 2008

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